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Indian Designer Saree Collection 2013-14


Indian designer saree collection is based on what they read too much of a nine-meter long, however and the different styles of people draped in a long, UN-stitched cloth is a list. As a large amount of very widespread practice, it bypasses the waist, the shoulder drape to expose the midriff.

The upper garment wear a short backless or Halter-necked blouse short sleeves and a very “Choli” or “ravika” famous as a plunging neckline.

An Under skirt or petticoat. Labeled “pavada / pavadai” south and the “Shay” in eastern India, often with the saree. In general, the mirror can be very sarees, embroidery and accessorized with a large amount of frills and so whatever but this is much better for the wedding.

Currently, the saree is a wide variety of popular styles that drape nivi. Drape this type of building, people gather on cloth down and a good agreement Hauspoa-shaped flowers, to create pleats in the waistband of the petticoat, just below the navel.