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Indian Bridal Jewelry – Bridal Look of an Indian Bride Doesn’t Complete Without Jewelry


Bridal look of an Indian bride doesn’t complete without jewelry. Wearing jewelry on the big day is the tradition of Indian wedding which is continuing since ages. In the past women used to wear jewelry made up of gold or silver on their nuptial but today the trend has changed and the priority of most women is pearl and diamond jewelry.

The general wedding jewelry includes necklace, earrings and bands; but when it comes to Indian bridal jewelry, there is an addition of Mangalsutra, Nose ring or Nath, Toe ring or Payal and Gold Bangles or Kadas in the jewelry.


Mangalsutra is one of the favorite ornaments of an Indian bride. It actually is a propitious strand that consists of black beads and gold chain and locket and as it symbolizes marriage therefore it is must for every Hindu woman to wear it.

Nath (Nose Ring)

Another integral part of Indian bridal jewelry is Nath. It is a nose-ring made up of different metals, mostly of gold and silver. Just like mangalsutra, married women love to wear nath as well. In fact, it also has become a symbol of marriage similar to mangalsutra.

Payal (Anklets) or Toe Ring

Payal or anklet is worn by the Indian bride on both their ankles. It’s available in pair and is made up of variety of metals including silver, gold and even white-gold.

Some brides also wear toe ring in any of their fingers; however, its use is relatively less common than the other jewelry pieces.

Gold Bangles & Kada’s

Bangles or kadas are arguably the second most important bridal jewelry piece after the mangalsutra. Majority Indian women prefer wearing gold and silver bangles on their big day. Precious and semi-precious stones are also embedded in the wedding kadas.

In conclusion, Indian bridal jewelry conceivably has a wide range of jewelry pieces for decking the bride from head to toe. The above mentioned are the most common and well liked jewelry pieces that every bride should go for.