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In 3 Step Ultimate Makeup Tricks


bridal makeup tips for blondesToday we are going to talk about some best and the ultimate tips to look beautiful with makeup and I am going to try to talk about each and everything and I would love to get inquiries and question after this set of three blogs about makeup.Lift those droopy cheeks by using a creamy blush

Foundation Or Concealer: – As I told you that we are going to talk about each and everything and I am starting with face, and nothing comes before foundation or concealer, Foundation is something that can make you look best and can make you look worst, it can make you look your best and it can make you look like a cosmetic blunder, you need to pick the right foundation to get the best look possible and for that I always say that go with lots of time and with lots of stamina and pick three shades of foundation, one perfectly simile rot your tone, one lighter and one darker than your skin tone and that will not only give you the flawless clear skin, but it will give you a bright and glowing skin tone too, here are some tips to apply the best foundation ever.6 Makeup Tricks to Help You Look Younger.

Apply foundation with a sponge and don’t rub it with your skin blend it, bounce and blend in small motions and it will give your face a sheer look, but never underestimate the power of your fingertips to applying that over your face.

If you are using a fluffy blending brush or sponge then make it a slightly wet to get perfect look which is not cakey.

Concealer is a best friend of foundation, I can bet that even though you use the best skin care and skin products you still need some sort of concealer to get perfect skin, but you need to know the right shade and right way of applying it on your face to get the best result, always pick a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone, even though if you using a similar shade for your foundation, always apply a concealer on eye first and then smooth down , always pick the triangle technique to apply under eye concealer, and then smooth down it and then apply some foundation to finish the look and always fix your look with loss power and you can add some highlighter in your loose powder to get a perfect look.

Blush: The main purpose of the blusher is to add a little color and freshness to your face and normally we pick the shades and the placement if our original and natural blush, normally we get shades around out cheeks and on our apple, I strictly say no for plain powder blush on cheeks no matter what is your age, always pick a cream based blush and gently tap it into the apples of your cheeks with the pads of your fingertips and then rub it like you do with moisturizer and then tab apply some  powder blush and then swirl it blend it  upward along the cheek bones and a bit underneath.

Mineral Bronzer: Bronzer is something that can work magically for your face, not only for your cheeks , but it is very good to contour the face and give the face a healthy sun-kissed look instantly without getting any kind of harm of UV rays , but there are few things that you need to keep in mind while you go to buy your shades , you need to pick the shades according to your own skin tone, you need to keep your own skin tone in mind, one need to pick the shade or two shade darker than your skin tone to avoid looking orangey, and pick the finest finish possible cause you need to look original and keep the placement perfectly, apply across the face, over the forehead, nose, over the apples of your cheeks, and over the neck and collarbone.

Face Powder:  That is something that you use to fix the makeup on your face, and it is best if you use transparent finish to get perfect look and never use puff with that, never use too much product on your face, always use a fluffy brush and apply the same strokes all over your face and keep doing that till you get the fine look
Eyeliner:  Eyeliners are basically meant to define the eyes and shape, it is very integral part of makeup routine for perfect look and you can complete the makeup with that if you know how to apply the line according to your own eye shape, if it can make your eyes appear bigger then it can make your own eye appear smaller and too.

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