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In 3 Step Ultimate Makeup Tricks Part 2


9 Tricks For Perfect MakeupHere are some more tips and tricks for you to get perfect looks, and that is a mix tips for your.

When you apply eye pencil then you should open your mouth slightly to stretch the skin around your eyes, and it will help you get perfect shape to apply it easily.Three Helpful Makeup Tips for Dark

If you have smooth and soft looking skin and you want to get a defined look then apply the shades with brushes and if u don’t like the sharpness of your eyeliner then you can use the tip of your fingers and blend it will and it will not only keep your skin smooth and subtle.Ultimate Pale-Girl Makeup Tips

Kajal is best thing if you are looking for Asian look, “kohl” or “kajal” is very effective to get a Egyptian era look too with the cat eye wings too, but if you want to use it with your smoky eyes too then it cannot only work as a eye liner and dark eye shadow.Ultimate Pale-Girl Makeup Tips1

Kajal not only look perfect for smudging, but it look very sharp and very interesting too to enhance the shine of your eyes, and if you are applying it on the water line then it make your eyes look classy, but if you are using it below the water line then it make your eyes look pop out.

Once you apply the liner and Kajal then never touch or rub your eyes cause it will not only make your eyes running, but it will literally spoil your eye makeup and if you are using the traditional one then it will keep your eyes healthy and beautiful  naturally too.

If you have extra oily eyelids or skin then always keep ear buds in your bag for touch ups of smudging as and when needed and if you feel that it is not getting away then keep a small box of petroleum jelly or Vaseline in your bag to and rub a small amount of jelly on your skin and then rub it way with that and you will see it coming out easily.

Mascara: Mascara is a magical tool to get thick luscious long and pretty visible lashes and for that here are some simple tips that you can try in your day to day life.

Always use lash curler when your lashes are a bit wet and try to blow hot air of hair dryer on your lash curler before using it on your lashes to get long lasting impact.

Use transparent mascara immediately and let it get dry before and later on use couple of coats of regular mascara, try to use brown or gray mascara instead black one.

After applying one or two coats of mascara take a brush to brush a coat of translucent powder on your lashes and your mascara will hold the powder which will make your lashes look thicker and sexier.

Best of luck.