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In 3 Step Ultimate Makeup Tricks Part 1


New Makeup Tricks For GettingWe are kind of talking about some very important and very basic tips to get perfect and ultimate looks and we did talk about face and foundation or concealer earlier and now we will start with Lips Gloss.Great Makeup Tips for Fall

Lip Gloss: Lips are very important part to look perfect and I personally think that if you have beautiful lisp naturally then you don’t need to overdo on your lips, a sheer and shiny pout are perfectly fine and for that you can use your favourite lip gloss, no matter if you have thin lips and fatty lips, if you have smooth lips then it is fantastic and you just need to apply some lip-gloss and you will be ready to go in your day to day life, but if you want to get something interesting and something authentic then you need to carry a perfect lipstick look and for that you need to pay attention on the out lines and on the smoothness of your lips, if you are using the lipstick then you need to follow few steps.New Year's Eve makeup tips

First thing that you need to do to apply the lipstick is apply some moisturizer and then some primer and then puff some transparent face powder on the lips and then we will blend perfectly and then we will take some simple lip liner similar to the shade we will use to get the natural look and draw a perfect line around your lips and then apply the lipstick with the brush to get perfect shape, and then apply the lip bounder over your lips to keep it on the place for longer.

If you are using the lip gloss and you want to keep it last longer then you just need to dust your lips with a thin layer of face powder and then use a tissue to remove the excess powder by squeezing it between your lips it will keep your gloss from melting or smudging.

To get fuller kissable lips illusion, you can follow the following tips.

Exfoliate your lips with a lip exfoliator or using a baby toothbrush is best thing, it will not only make your lips feel and look fresh and healthier, this will make your lips softer and smoother.

Use a neutral color lip liner and then line your top and bottom lip, but don’t draw the lines out o foundation or concealer the original lines, now take the similar shade and fill your lips with that except for the very centre of your lips, now take some concealer and apply that over the left out portions of your lips and then apply the lipstick on your lips and you will see that it will give your lips an illusion of fuller lips, and if you have slimmer lips then you just apply a light shimmery gloss over your lips in the center and then start blending It outwards and it look good and filler.

Here are some simple day to day makeups.

1-If you are using cosmetics on a daily basis you should use only quality products…
2-Keep your applicators and your products clean and personal never ever share these things..
3-If you using things everyday and you want to keep things simple then, foundation or concealer and face powder is enough and then lip gloss and some eye makeup is enough sufficient…
4-When you spend time in applying it on your face then take almost double time to remove it in the evening too and it is perfect to start cleaning your face as soon as you get in your home…
5-    Keep an eye on the texture of your skin; protect your skin form sun rays, damaged of season, cosmetic and germs.

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