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How to Use Shapewear to Give Your Body a Slim Look


Consciousness of women about making themselves look slimmer isn’t something new; actually they used to suffer in great distress hundreds of year ago as well. Indeed if women forgone wearing a girdle or corset, they were usually considered inapt therefore all the ladies were bound to wear corsets or girdles even while doing the domestic chores.

But it isn’t the scene today; now women can find becoming looks without imprisoning their bodies in shapewears thus making themselves unable to breathe and move freely. Even as spandex shapewear looks almost perfect in theory, it can be donned the wrong way. So, take a look at these fashion tips and learn how to don the shapewear to flatter your figure without making it look colossal.

Don’t overdo it!

Though shapewear pieces are available virtually for all parts of your body, the first tip to rock it perfectly is to focus on one area or two at once. Covering up yourself in lyrca and Spanx from ankle to neck will make you look bizarre. So, keep it simple and avoid overdoing with it, even if you are going on a date.

Size It Right!

Shapewear is groovy if you give anything for covering up your bumps and lumps, but it is true only if you pick it in right size, wrong sized shapewear will cause more lumps rather than disguising them. For settling on the right size, pay attention to the sizing charts on the packets or try it once before paying for it. Even those who usually wear plus sizes and want shapewear top make them look small shouldn’t decide on small size shapewear. Rather you should purchase your normal size; the fabric itself will do the trick to give you the longed for look.

Go For Seamless!

If you are considering buying a shapewear, it is advised to opt for a seamless one. This will let you wear any type of attire over it, without being noticeable.

Handwash for Longer Use!

If you want your shapewear to be with you for long, wash it using your hands. Handwashing the shapewear will help fabric maintaining its stretch capabilities and seem new for long.