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How To Use Homemade Face Masks


Homemade Face Masks for WinterI don’t like ready to use things, I personally think that it is totally waste of money to buy these things, but with all of the issues I have with these ready to use things, I can tell you one thing that we can have with these ready to use things, but we cannot with homemade things, you know what things is for what kind of skin tone, or type, you can see it on the packaging, but you never know what is good for what kind of skin if you are new in this home mad and home remedies world, which can be a bit risky and tricky too:(so if you want to start using homemade things then you need to learn few things and we are here with those tips that will help you get beautiful  skin in safe way.

Here are few things that you need to keep in mind before you use homemade things on your face or any part of your body.

First thing that you need to know is, your skin type, pay attention on your skin, if you have oily skin or dry skin and always make sure that you are using the ingredients which are suitable for your skin type. Otherwise it will worsen the situation and spoil the balance of your skin rather than showing any positive results and the impact can be worse than ready to use things.

Test for allergy before applying anything on your face or body, like some people don’t get any kind of reaction when they eat nuts, but get horrible  impact when they apply nut mask on their face, I can tell you that I am very good applying all sort of home remedies and homemade things, but honey is one thing that can leave long and deep rashes all over my face if I apply it on my face and can make my eyes runny, swelled and injured if I apply honey on my eyes or lashes and I have super dry skin which means I am missing the best natural moisturizer possible.Homemade Facials for Great Skin

Always start with clean and freshly washed face, it is better to wash your face with worm water and then splash with chilled water and then apply mask, tie your hair cause sometime something that is good for our face damage our hair badly and always use clean bowls to make mask or whatever you making.Facial masks - homemade face

Always use the best quality of ingredients possible, it is better to use fresh ingredients and if you are storing something then make sure you are following the right and appropriate way and if you are using natural things like fruit or vegetable, milk or some dry ingredient then mix them when you have to use it and throw out any leftover.How We Get Instant Glow With Homemade Face Masks

Be extra careful around eye area and if you are using something that will get dry on your face then it is better to use some petroleum jelly or Vaseline around your eyes to keep the sensitive skin safe and if you are using something that will make your skin soft and smooth without getting dry like some fruit puree then apply over your lids too and lie down on your back.

Follow the instructions, apply gently and wash with care.

Best of luck.