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How to Make a Face Scrub for Winter Without Drying Skin


How to travel with BICYCLE at winterWe cannot enjoy winter as we do summer, we cannot just apply sunscreen and enjoy the season with open arms, we have to use moisturizer, lip balm, sunscreen, moisturizer, hand cream, foot cream and body moisturizer, and what not and today we are going to help you with a very simple way to keep dry skin away from your face and body, remove the dead cells and apply moisturizer and you will be absolutely fine, but which scrubber would be best for your skin? Well not chemical one for sure cause that will not only dry out your skin even worse and accruing the situation, we are going to help you make a very simple scrubber at home with few natural things which will not only exfoliates the skin and also nourishes it, it will help you get better skin tone too during the cold winters.Cold Weather Skin Woes Got Your Down, Try These Easy, At-Home Remedies

To make this magical and mildest body and facial scrubber you need,
Lemon Juice
Tomato Puree
Rose water

Now we will start with grinding the oats to make it a powder, we don’t need too fine powder; let it be a bit harsh, cause we need scrubbing effect of oats, then we will soak almonds overnight or few hours in water and peel off the skin and make a smoothly paste it and keep aside, now we will mix the pasted almonds with oats powder and then we will add lemon juice, tomato puree, honey and rose water in it and blend well and make a thick paste, we need a strong consistency and now keep it aside.Scrub Away Your Winter Blues

Wash your face with worm water and muslin cloth and clean your face and neck and now apply this paste over the surface of your skin evenly and leave it to work for 15 minutes and lie down on your back for 15 minutes, now wet your fingers with water and tap your face to loosen the pack and start massaging the skin gently with your finger tips in a circular motion and keep doing that and your will see that mask will come out and scrub it off and then wash your face with worm water and then splash some chilled water all over your face to close the pours.Homemade Facial Scrub Recipes

You can also use this pack on your body skin to eliminate the dead cells and rejuvenate the skin during the winter.

At the end I will love to share my all time favorite moisturizer that I always make during winter season and for that I take one cup of medical glycerin one cup of a mixture of lemon juice and rose water and keep it in a plastic airtight bottle and use it all over your body and enjoy the magical skin even during the winter.