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How To Keep Your Skin Smooth


How To Keep Your Skin SmoothWe are shearing some tips for you to get and keep beautiful smoother and softer skin and for that first thing that you need to do is eat healthy and drink lots of water and need to maintain a healthy level of moisturizer in your body and that will make your skin softer and prettier from inside out and with that you need to follow these simple tips.How To Keep Your Skin Smooth1

Exfoliate daily, I know that top beauticians recommend exfoliation three times a day, but if you ask me then I will say that you need some serious scrubbing three times a week, but you need to rub off all the dirt and unhealthy aliments from your skin every day, like we wash our face every day and clean it every day you just need to use one mild and smoother scrubber and you can use alum powder for that or you can make one at home with red lentil or poppy seeds too.How To Keep Your Skin Smooth2

Finish your shower with oil, I always say that no matter what kind of season it is and what kind of skin you have you should massage your body with baby oil before your bath at least once a day and you should rub some worm oil all over your body and make sure you are not missing your knees and elbows and then take a shower and use loofah to brush off all the oil from your body and you can fish your bath with oil too by rubbing some oil on your wet body and then wipe it off with towel and I would suggest coconut oil, olive oil, and sesame oil  for that.

Never take hot showers, it is very important cause it will ruin your skin and will make your skin dry and dull and if you have to use worm shower then don’t stand under the shower for longer time of period.

Use serum and moisturizer and if you are not sure what to use then use glycerin and if you don’t know which mask is good for your skin then use fresh mashed fruits and honey and you will never use ready to use moisturizer on your skin.