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How To Get Stained Lips


If you are in the quest of latest fashion statement that is very ‘in’ at the moment and has the prepotency to give you a chic appeal, elegant lip stain may be the answer. Lip stain, the new alternative of lip-gloss and lipsticks, has managed to gain popularity among beauty brands and fad houses.

Lip stains don’t make your lips caked and sultry and can last for longer span. There is a specific procedure and technique to apply lip stain that is quite different from the lip-gloss and lipsticks. A few tips to apply it perfectly are given below. So, steel yourself for the excitable look of the season and lure the world with your opulent and deep pouts.

How To Stain Your Lips

The first step before the application of lips stain is lips’ exfoliation. For exfoliating the lips, damp a toothbrush and cover it with some sugar. Then apply a little lip balm on your lips and start exfoliating your lips sparingly. Be sure not to exert excess pressure on the lips, as it can be harmful for this sensitive skin area.

After finishing exfoliation, take the balm and sugar away from your lips with the help of a smooth damp cloth or ice cold water.

Now you are ready to apply the stain. Pick off a stain in a color that compliments your natural skin tone and doesn’t tend to look excessive bright and loud. A marker stain is the easiest stain to use, like the Lip Stain, the Bourjois Lip Stain Pen or Stila Mango Crush Cheek.

To begin with, outline the natural lip-line, in the same way as you do while using a lip-liner pencil.

Then after, fill in the full lip with the stain. Add multiple coats of stain conditional on the depth of color you want to achieve.

Give the stain enough time to dry out fully so that it seeps in your lips to give to a deep and more natural-looking shade.

For added shine, apply your preferred lip-gloss or lip-balm over the stain.