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How to Get Smoother Skin

How to Get Smoother Skin

How to Get Smoother SkinHaving smooth, supple and flawless skin is a common dream of all females. Some are blessed with such type of skin by the Creator, while the others have to do a lot of struggle to turn their dream into reality. Nowadays the cosmetic companies introduce many skin care lotions and creams which are claimed to be most effective for making your skin attractive and flawless.

Though these cosmetic products give your skin a wonderful glow within few days but these results don’t last permanently. As you will stop to use these products, your skin issues will reappear. Another disadvantage of cosmetic skin care products is they contain harsh chemicals, which may impart harm to your skin cells. Here are some of the most affective home recipes, by which you can get flawless, beautiful skin without taking any risk.

Home Recipes to Have Smoother Skin

  • An easy homemade mask for smooth skin can be prepared by combining bananas and milk. Take two or three bananas and mash them appropriately. Now add a small amount of milk in the mashed bananas and mix both ingredients well. Apply this mixture on your facial skin. Let it stay for at least 15 and then rinse it off. This treatment will certainly give your skin a soft and supple appearance.
  • Honey is well-known for its natural antioxidant properties; its benefits for skin are unlimited. Apply this natural ingredient to make your skin fresh and beautiful. You will feel the difference within few days of regular use.
  • Some females have blemishes or scars on their facial skin, which make the skin unattractive. You can use very common kitchen item “Potato” to solve this problem. Cut a potato in slices and apply on the affected skin for 5-10 minutes. Wash your face with good-quality soap or face wash. Using this recipe is a wonderful approach to reduce the blemishes.
  • To get rid of acne, an amazing way is to apply the grapes’ flesh onto the skin. Take just 4-5 grapes and cut them into two pieces. Now rub the grapes’ flesh on the facial skin for 7-8 minutes and then rinse it off.