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How to get rid of whiteheads fast at home


How to Get Rid of WhiteheadsIf you think that blackheads are horrible then you know nothing about white heads, they are painful and they can become a permanent scar on your face, they look small and they look pretty harmless, but they are not, they are kind of plain pimples without inflammation so, when they don’t get inflamed so they don’t get treated properly, and they become a rent less home for germs and bacteria, today we are going to give you some simple ways to treat white and blackheads with simple remedies.Whiteheads on face are basically clogged pores that are not inflamed

First thing that you can do to treat and prevent white and blackheads is cleaning your skin and your hands, keep your face clean and keep your skin cleansing routine pretty stable and leaguer and with that here are some very simple and very easy ways to get rid of these black and white heads.Best home remedies to treat

1-Exfoliation is the first thing that you can try to get rid of white and blackheads, this helps to get rid of mild whiteheads effectively and when you keep using the gentle scrub to exfoliate the affected area twice a week or three times a week then you not only treat these things effectively, but you will be able to prevent them too, and if you don’t want to use any ready to use things then alum powder is best thing to scrub your face everyday.

2-You can ask your Dermatologist to prescribe you with some topical medicines and some lotions that has benzoyl peroxide and pills like Acnezine to help your skin inside out.

3-Chemical Peels can be effective if you are using the right kind of thing, and if you don’t know what is right for you and what kind of things is bad then you just need to use glycolic-acid, salicylic acid or hydroxyl acid based creams which not only help you get rid of these things, but they are very good for your skin too.

4-A mixture of gram flour and turmeric and mix it with butter milk is best mask for your face, just apply that all over your face and let it get dry and then scrub it off and wash your face with worm water and you can use this mask everyday and that not only treat acne and oily skin, but it will help you prevent that too…
5-Use Aspirin mask three times a week and that not only treat your blackheads but it will help you get rid of pimples and acne too.

Drink lots of water and stay healthy.