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How to Get Rid of Stains on Teeth

How to Get Rid of Stains on Teeth

How to Get Rid of Stains on TeethTeeth are indubitably one of the most noticeable facial features. The sparkling white teeth and beautiful smile boost the self-confidence of an individual, while yellowish teeth not only look untidy but impart a very negative impression to your personality.

That’s why almost everyone tries all recommended remedies or suggestions to get beautiful, stain-free teeth. If you also are suffering from stains and searching for the natural ways to get rid of them, continue reading as this article will certainly help you in getting rid of the nasty stains on teeth.

Causes of Stains

  • To prevent the stain and yellowish color, make a habit of brushing your teeth after every meal because many ingredients exist in the meal cause stains.
  • Always keep your teeth clean by brushing two times daily, 1st after waking up and 2nd before going to the bed.
  • It has been noticed that sometimes the teeth stains may occur as a side effect of any medication. In this case, instant consultation with health specialist is necessary.
  • Some foods also cause the discoloration and stains of teeth, for example Coffee, Tea or any other drink which comprises caffeine can cause stains and discoloration. Tobacco and Avoid are also dangerous for teeth as well as overall health of an individual. Turmeric powder, Soy sauce Curry, Berry and Red Grapes may be major cause of stains and discoloration due to their brownish and reddish color. You can prevent stains by avoiding or minimizing the intake of above mentioned foods.

Remedies for stains

  1. Make a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day; try to use toothpaste that comprises fluoride.
  2. Using baking soda instead of toothpaste can increase your stains, so you should try to avoid it.
  3. Don’t forget rinse your mouth after drinking coffee, tea, or any drink that contains caffeine.
  4. Using an antibacterial mouth wash thrice a week is a best way to get rid of stains.