How to Get Rid of Age Spots on Hands

Age spots on hands is quite common among middle-age and older people. However, younger people can also get this problem. Age spots are also known as brown spots, liver spots and sunspots. Age spots almost appear on the hands, but can also appear the face, arms, feet, back and shoulders.

Age spots results mainly due to exposure your skin to the sun because, over exposure of the skin to the sun results in skin pigmentation, which leads to development of age spots on the skin.

There are various cosmetic treatments that you can undertake to get rid of age spots but you also can try home remedies to solve this problem. Let’s know how you can get rid of age spots on hand as well as face by using home remedies.

Home Remedies to get rid of age spots on hands

Lemon is one of the best ingredients that are used to get rid of age spots on hand as well as face. Take the juice of a lemon in a bowl and apply it on the age spots with a cotton ball, at least twice in a day. Your age spots will begin to lighten in 6 – 8 weeks.

Another great way to get rid of age spots on hands and arms is be to massage the skin on the arms with Castor oil on a regular basis. Castor oil not only helps in eliminating age spots, but also makes the skin smooth and soft.

Onion is also said to be a good way of getting rid of age spots from skin. Cut the onion into two and rub it on the areas where the age spots are present. Another effective recipe to get rid of age spots on the hands is to mix juice of onion, rosewater and grated cucumber together, and then apply it on the hands and the skin areas where age spots have appeared.