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How To Get Perfect Makeup Look


How To Get Perfect Makeup LookThere are lots of people who are famous for their beautiful face and stunning body and today we are going to share some simple tips that make up team of Katrina kaif and she is one of the most hottest name of the Indian film industry and she has millions of fan following and she has beautiful and glowing skin naturally and she actually know how to get better look, let’s see if you can get that look with the same tips or not.5 Secrets to Achieve Perfect Cat-eye Make-up

Tips to get perfect make up look.

To get beautiful skin you need to pay attention to your base, you need to look natural and flawless,  for that you need to maintain a healthy skin cleaning routine and just before applying the foundation or concealer you should wash your face with worm water and muslin cloth to make your skin ready to absorb the base and foundation, and start with moisturizer and then apply some serum and then apply some foundation or concealer and rub perfectly and evenly.

If you don’t like foundation or concealer then you can use transparent loose powder too which look absolutely perfect and then carry pressed powder with you which not only keep your skin and your look beautiful, but will keep your skin radiant too.

Wrap an ice cube in a muslin cloth and apply it on your face before wearing makeup and it will not only keep your skin good, but it will keep your make up fresh and tight too.

Use a natural shade of blush on, if you have a milky white shade then use peach-toned blush, and it not only look beautiful, but look glowing and perfect and it will enhance the look too.

Wear lip-gloss instead of lip stick, it look natural and it enhance the beautiful  of your lips and your face too, even if you don’t want to add shade then use something transparent, but lip gloss not only good for your look, but it is look for your lips too.

Best of luck.