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How to Get Great Skin & Important Things To Get Younger Skin


I was talking about my teacher and she was my class teacher when I was in junior school, I was in 7th when she was our PT teacher and she was Yoga instructor too, and she was still the same, actually better, her cheeks were all fair and blush, and look so so soft, baby soft and her skin was all ironed , no fine lines at all, no marks no pigmentation nothing at all, fresh beautiful  woman with beautiful  natural pink cheeks and lips with tremendously clean and nude eyes, no makeup no liner nothing at all and I was actually straining at her with open jaw and she was giggling like a baby, I try to envy to her, but I could not, I loved the ways she was smiling at me and guess what? She was so generous to share some Anti-Aging Tips with me.

How to Get Great SkinHow to Get Great Skin

Here are some very simple things she told me to do beside some sort of physical activity to run the fresh blood in the cheeks like Yoga!

Saloni Winter Skin Care TipsWear Sunscreen: – That is the first thing that you need to do if you want to look young and beautiful throughout your life and if you want to dish the skin cancer which would be one of the biggest threat in future, try to minimize your sun exposure as much as you can, try to avoid the sun droning the peak ours, I guess from 9-4, there is no excuse for that, sun rays hit you and get inside you and then it stays inside your whole life and keep damaging your skin and your system from inside out without letting you know and that is when doc suggest to get detoxification therapy that cost thousands, so it is better to prevent then treat, so stay in shade and if you really have to go out then follow that check list.

1-Use sunscreen at least 30 minutes prior to going out.
2-Use sunscreen on your body, your hands, feet, and around your hair line.
3-Use petroleum jelly around your eyes and rub a bit, don’t push it inside your eyes.
4-Apply sunscreen lip balm on your lips and around your eyes.
5-Wear best sunglasses you can afford.
6-Drink a glass of water and carry a bottle of chilled water with you.
7-Take your umbrella, no matter what people say.

Bad Skin Habits You NeedQuit Bad Habits: – If you want to have beautiful skin and beautiful body then you need to quit bad things immediately, be as natural as much as possible and try to quit smoking, drinking, drugs or anything that comes in unhealthy zone cause these things prevents your body from making collagen and increases free radical damage that destroys collagen, which means it stop getting the new ones and kills the old ones too which means it accelerate the rate of aging.

Sleep On Your BackSleep On Your Back :- There was a study were dermatologist was telling people about their sleeping habits by just looking at their face cause when we continually sleep on our face, we actually develop some permanent fine lines on our face which then convert into deep wrinkles, so if you don’t want that then you need to get into sleeping on your side or on your back instead on your cheeks and use satin bed pillow cases, they look cute, sweet smooth and luxurious and at the same time they are very good for your skin too and the plus point is, it gives you a good sleep which is very good for your beautiful  skin and looks and happy mood too.

Take Anti-Wrinkle DietTake Anti-Wrinkle Diet: – More Antioxidants more healthy and beautiful  skin, and for that you need to start looking for things that are friendly with your younger looking skin and for that you need to add those foods that are high in antioxidants which will basically prevent the harmful free radicals from making you look older and some studies   and they keep your body healthy and beautiful  too and for that you can eat healthy greens, all colorful fruits, nuts and good fats, omaga3 fatty acids are your new friends and ask your nutritional what kind of food is great for your age and add them in your diet and one thing that you need to forget for whole your life and that is sugar:(no more sugar for you, cause it will make you look fat and older than your real age,How to Get Great Skin: