How to Get Good Sleep in Less Time

How to Get Good Sleep in Less Time
How to Get Good Sleep in Less Time

How to Get Good Sleep in Less Time ; It is a common belief that more time you spend napping, the more relaxed and rested your body feels. However, it is not exactly the case. Getting a comfortable and sound sleep for even a short time can make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Some essentials of a better sleep in a short time are given below


Have a healthy and balanced diet that features meat, complex carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, green leafy vegetable, dairy products and fruits. It will help increase your life as well as will help you feel good and refresh the whole day.How to Get Good Sleep in Less Time

Blood Sugar

The sugar level in your blood also counts a lot when it comes to get a peaceful and relaxing catnap. The deficiency of sugar makes you feel tired and if you consume little sugar in any form you feel energetic. However, this energy uses to be short lived. So, ensure consuming enough amount of sugar to maintain the blood sugar level thus get a soothing and restful sleep.Blood Sugar


Water serves the same purpose for body which the oil serves for engine. It is necessary for smooth and steady working of the body organs. Most physicians suggest drinking two glass of water just when you get-up to keep the body hydrated. Don’t skip breakfast because it leads to dehydration. Keep intaking fluids all the day to prevent dehydration and stop it almost four hours before the bedtime to get a comfortable sleep.

State of mindState of mind

A significant role in having a deep snooze is played by your state of mind. Any negative or positive stimulation make it difficult for an individual to get a deep and sound sleep. So, when you go to bed try to leave the worries and stress out of your bedroom so you can get a sounder sleep even in less time.

Bed time – Wake timeBed time - Wake time

Set a strict routine of sleeping and awaking and stay stick to it.

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