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How To Get Classic Red Lips Look


How to Find the Right Red LipstickRed lipstick is one of the sultriest, sexy and bold looks ever, but the beauty of this look is the way we carry it, you cannot just apply the red lipstick without Proper Protocol and that’s what make it the best and the most cutest look possible and make a woman look and feel daring and sexy, but you can actually ruin the whole look with a single mistake, we are sharing a way to get a perfect red lipstick look for all of your nighttime events and dinner parties to make you the center of the occasion.How To Get Classic Red Lips Look

First of all you need to pick the right shade for you according to your skin tone, if you have olive/tan complexion then orange-red tone is best for you and if you have rosy/pink complexion then pick blue-red tone and if you have wheat complexion then let’s rock the best bloody red color possible, trust me, red lipstick look the best of a darker skin tone.Katy Perry Red Lipstick

Now before I start with lips let me tell you that you have to apply the best coverage foundation or concealer and blend it well to get the natural looks possible and keep your makeup subtle but don’t forget to line the top lash-line of your eyes to define them and mascara, but I would say that use very natural and low base shades and make up for your eyes, if you have to use shine on your eyes then use a very light and natural shade and pay attention to your eyebrows too.

You can should use shimmery light shadow to the entire eye lid  then define the Crease  with medium-light brown shadow to define the crease of the eye and blend well, never ever use red eye make up with your red lipstick, cause we are trying to make it the center of all the attentions so we cannot give it any completion, and if you need blusher then pick mineral bronze or light brown shade to contour the Cheeks  and jaw line and right in between the hallows between your cheeks towards the ears and now we will start with lips.

First of all apply some lip balm or petroleum jelly or Vaseline over your lips and then when you done with your make up and just before your Lip Color rub your lips with wet towel and then apply liquid foundation on your lips, but don’t too much and use powder too, but still not too much cause it will actually change your shade so apply a very moderate amount of foundation  and then apply red lip liner to defined your shape and lines of your lips then apply your lipstick with brush.

Best of luck.