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How to Flatter a Petite Figure


Short-heighten girls always remain very conscious about their looks and they try to flatter their petite figure anyway. Flattering a petite figure, however, isn’t a tough task if you know that works well for the girls with short height. Becoming the short figure isn’t about hiding or disguising your shortness, rather it means to bring out your pluses with right dresses, footwear, and accessories. A few tips to flatter a petite figure are given here: check them out and make them work for you.

Pay Heed to Proportions

Complimenting a petite figure depend lots on proportions. In particular, you should get the most out of yours. Don’t wear extra long jeans and sleeves and also avoid wearing jackets or tops with extra large shoulders as you would not love to see your hems fallen too low. All these things will shake off your original proportions, making you look messy.

Go For Well-Fitted Clothes, Preferably Tailored Ones

Tailor stitched clothes help a lot in becoming a petite figure
Tailor stitched clothes help a lot in becoming a petite figure

Tailor stitched clothes help a lot in becoming a petite figure. It is always necessary to get the help of a professional tailor; you can set the fitting of your dress yourself if you have some basic stitching abilities, if not, you can also take the help of someone who know how to sew clothes. Otherwise, just pick off dress that fits suitable– neither extra loose nor too tight.

Set The Record Straight

Always go for straight legged jeans and pants if your figure is petite and legs are shorter. You are not obliged to throw your skinny jeans away necessarily, but avoid wearing anything with an excessive taper. In the same way, flares plus boot cuts tend to make your shorter legs even shorter while a straight cut does not hide your original height, it just take full advantage of all your inches.

Keep Footwear on Point

When it comes to decide on the shoes that can help you flattering your petite figure, you need to follow a few rules. Don’t settle on footwear with ankle strap, and also avoid gladiator sandals, as they will make your calves appear shorter. Steer clear of shoes with too much squared toe also. Follow the current fads instead, and try to find shoes with a pointier toe.

Try out High Waists

Lastly, try to stay away from truly low rise skirts, pants and jeans as they too have prepotency to make your legs appear a lot shorter than their actual size. Rather, take advantage of the high-waisted look if it’s comfortable for you. It will create an illusion of elongated legs and chest.