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How to Easy smokey eye in brown using few products


Smokey Royal Blue Eye Makeup TutorialI was born with fair complexion and brown eyes, and I love using that shade on my face too cause it make my eye look more prominent and more fascinating and it is one thing that I love about my eyes, they get all the attention and make them look so  and cute, and the smoky look I am sharing with you is one of my all time favorite look, I can make it look sober and simple with lighter shade and less dramatic mascara and I can make it more party look with a touch of glitter and lots of coats of mascara:) so are you ready to add a new easy and magical look in your eye makeup collection? I can tell you that it looks pretty fancy, but it is the easiest and the simplest SMOKEY EYES ever and the glamor you see in the look is nothing but SHIMMERY eye shadows that I used.Brown Smokey Eye Tips,Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

We will start with applying the eye primer and while it is getting absorbed in the lid we will take the matching eye shadow and fill it in the eye brow and give it a arched look and blend it with smooth blending brush and then apply a thick lines over the lid of BLACK base/eyeliner/kajal and then use your finger and blend it all over your lid, but don’t apply all over the upper crease, keep it clean and then take a maroon brown eye shading and apply it all over the move able lid with eye lid brush, you can start with chocolaty brown shimmery eye shadow too and then blend it with brush up to the crease, use dabbing instead dragging cause we don’t want to mess with black base of the shade.Brown Smokey Eye Tips,Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial,Smoky Eye

Now take a slightly shiny shade of brown or maroon and blend the first shade with that and then take the same shade with thin brush and apply it over the crease and blend lightly all over the crease vertically to develop the depth in your lids, now take shimmery white shade with your finger and apply along the brow bone and then blend it well.Brown Smokey Eye,A beautiful and elegant smokey eye for any occasion

Tightline your eyes and apply a thin liner over your upper and lower waterline and you need to use black eyeliner/Kajal or dark gray or darkest brown you have and then take the same shade of gel eyeliner and apply a line over the mate liner and then smudge lightly with the help of a eyeliner brush, but not too much, we don’t want to get a clumsy looking eyes, now curl your lashes with eyelash curler and apply couple of coats of mascara and finish the look with a thick line over your lower lash line with gel liner.