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How to Do Wedding Makeup- Should I Do My Own Makeup For My Wedding?

Superstar makeup artist do her makeup on her own wedding day

Superstar makeup artist do her makeup on her own wedding dayNormally the main reason behind of that rapidly getting famous trend is money; girls think to apply their own makeup cause of the big money the makeup artist charge, but if the budget is the only issue then why did Kate Middleton decide to do her own makeup on her big day, which was not a plain big day, it was the royal wedding, the wedding of the century, then why did she decided that?

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Well the answer is a woman know the good and the bad features of her face, she know how to make her eyes look prettier, how to get perfect cheeks and how to prominent the good pints of her face, obviously, she has been with that since she came in this world, how anyone can work on her face better than that?Should I do my own makeup for my wedding

Now another point I normally feel the reason behind that trend is the emotional feelings, bride get ready, she picks the best dress possible and make all the efforts to look best just for one thing, she wants to look beautiful  for her husband and she is the only one who knows what kind of things he like, what kind of things make him happy and remind him beautiful  thing between these two, can an unknown person create that look for her, I seriously doubt it, if you are a girl and you have been doing any sort of makeup during your whole life then no matter if you are Pro or not, you can pull this on.

Normally when we hire MUA on our wedding day, then see you and they pick a look for you, no matter what you say, they will give you a look you like and which make you look good in your photos, sometime they decide a natural looking makeup and no matter how much you like to put some shades on your ace they don’t let you and you obviously don’t want to ruin the look you bought with handful money, do you? Which means you are paying for the look you don’t even like or your groom is not happy with, that is sad isn’t it? You people are not happy on your big dayL  you can give it a try and for that you just need to have a practice so you get the look exactly how you want, and you can try the look for couples of time and then click a photo in day light and it will give you the right idea how you would look on your big day, so you can always add shades or change the look according to your own choice.

So the question is, Should I Do My Own Makeup For My Wedding?

And my answer would be Yes! Go for it galls and we are right her if you need anything to know, be confident and rock 😉
Good luck and congratulations!