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How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup| Burgundy Smokey Eye


Smokey EyesWe are going to try another beautiful  smoky eye look too and this time we are going to add burgundy shade in that Smokey eye look which is not only very cut shade, but it has some velvety finish too and if you want to add couple of shades of burgundy then you can should be scared of this cute experiment, but I am actually carrying the simple and fascinating look so I am not playing with shades, but if you do then I would love to see that look too:) and now we are sharing the look I try and I am hoping that you will like it and give it a dry, it is very simple and if you are not beginner  then it will hardly take 5 minutes and you will be ready.Kristen Stewart Beautiful Smokey Eyes

We will start with the face as you know me, I like perfect skin for messy eyes;) and we are using the airbrushed skin with foundation or concealer and I am paying all my attention to the skin around my eyes, I actually did apply some fairer foundation all over my eyes too and then I had to draw my eye brows too, but trust me it worth of all of that:) and then we are going to work on cheeks and as I told you that perfect skin so after applying the foundation or concealer, I am using the translucent powder very lightly over the sides of the forehead, jaw line and chin and then taking light creamy pink blush and apply a hint on the cheeks.Celebrity Makeup styles to follow and some to leave on the side of the road for fall

Now we will apply some prime all over the lid since we are going to use too much products and blending and it will keep the things on the place too and then we need to star with base shade which is pure black and I am using black eyeliner as a base for my eye shadow and you just need to apply a thick and rough strokes over your upper lash line with that liner, you don’t have to be too steady since we are going to smudge it anyways and then we will blend it all over the lower crease part of the lid, you need to keep blending it in the wingy shape and you can build up the shade if you want to, we are just looking for the deep and bright look and you need to keep blending till you get nice smoky look and now you need to add shade.Grungy heroin chic smokey eye, burgundy makeup tutorial - YouTube

Take a warm brown eye shadow with flat brush and apply at the outer edge of your eye lid and you need to start from the crease and blend it inside all the way from outer end of the lid to inner end of the lid, you need to apply a curvy touch with that and then add some more shade on just outer end but don’t blend it, take a matte black eye shadow and apply it all over your lid and blend the brown shade a bit too, don’t make it look disappear though.

Now you need to take the darkest and the most velvety berry color you have and pick the shade with flat brush and apply it on the inner corners and keep applying that till the outer corners of the lid and then blend it with smooth hands, we need to make it look sole, don’t make it a part of black shade, now take some more shade with thin liner brush and put a little bit along the lower lash line as well, but don’t blend too much, actually keep it smooth.

Finish the look with mascara and a line of Kajal on your lower water line.
I hope you will like it and will try it during the festival season.