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How To Do Makeup for Wedding Party


Bridals & Party makeup ClassesI have been preparing for this very special upcoming wedding in my family for like a year now, and I have very cute shiny lacy dress for that main day, but I wanted to look beautiful yet subtle with beautiful natural and cute look with shiny eyes since I am going to wear a very cute lacy cinnamon shade dress, and I am using champing and cinnamon shade for the eyes too and I am very excited about the overall look, and I am sharing my wedding party look with all of you and I am hoping that you will like it and will give it a try.UK Party Makeup Ideas Photos 2014

First of all we will apply the moisturizer and foundation or concealer to get this perfect look and then I will blend it well and then we will  apply the transparent lose face powder to get the smooth texture silky smooth feelings.How to do Wedding Party Makeup, Beauty Tips

Now we are ready to apply makeup, we will start with the eyes and I apply eye makeup base before anything at all to keep the look last longer and perfect, then we will take a champing liquid shade all over the lid and then blend well, you need to have little shimmer particles to get the look since this is going to be a wedding party look so it has to be shiny and glamorous, we will apply that shine shade all over the lid and blend well.VALIMA MAKEUP COLLECTION

Then we will take a black eyeliner and line the top and bottom lash lines with very fine and thin lines, don’t  add wing since we are trying to get a soft look, then you need to add some liner over the lash, as close as possible to get the dramatic look, now we will start with the eye shadow.ENGAGEMENT MAKEUP COLLECTION

We used the shiny eye base so we don’t need to add too much shiny shades, but if like shiny and shimmer then you can pick the shiny shades, otherwise can use mate shades too to keep the look subtle, I am using Violet shad and I am applying it at the outer corner of your lids and then start blending it inwards smoothly, but don’t blend over the crease.

Now you need to take pinkish shade and apply it over the inner corner of your eye and star blend it over the crease with a thin brush shade, keep blending till you see a fine smooth texture, now you have two shades eye lids with perfect blending.

Now you need to take glitter eyeliner to brighten the eyes and I am using plain golden transparent liner and apply a moderate line over the lashes, but again, no wing, just plain liner, now apply fake lashes, I am using fake lashes with that look, but you really don’t have to if you don’t want to or you don’t like it and then finish the eyes look with mascara.

I am using a pinkish mineral bronzer for contorting and for cheeks, cause it would be a day night event and that bronzer will keep me fresh in both lights, and transparent lip-gloss will compliment then look perfectly.