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How to Do a Natural Everyday Makeup Look


Tips on choosing a hue makeup everydayI am typical Virgo and I love looks, I love femininity and I am horrible  moody, my each and everything depends on my mood from my looks to my chit chat and I always keep switching up my makeup every day routine from easy one to deep dark complicated ones and natural to glamorous ones,  and people around me are sop use to of it that I never even felt odd trying odd things too, but I am sharing a very simple look with all of you, it look simple, but as you know me, I pay a lot of attention on the detailing and I am sharing a cute and beautiful  look with all of you and I am hoping that you will like it.Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial

We are going to start with skin and I hate darker circles under my eyes, I work late night and if I am not working then the big band theory keep me up late and I have to start with concealer which is very important and as I have very light brown one so I use makeup forever Camouflage concealer under my eyes and I start with applying some over the skin and then with my slightly damp sponge and blend it out, I use triangle technique and it always help, then I take some BB cream, since beside my dark circle, I really don’t have any skin issues, so I just take some BB creams and rub it between my palms and then apply directly to my face and then rub with my fingers, I pay all my attention on the difficult areas cause I am not going to use any sponge to blend it later, and then some simple storks of lose transparent powder.How to Apply Everyday Makeup

Now we will work on eyes, I have light brown eyes with slightly dark brown and golden touch in my eyes so I pick shades of brown for my eyes, I normally apply the shiny primer or shiny eye shade base all over the lid and then apply couple of shades and then blend it well and then I use dark brown or dark gray liner and mascara, I don’t use clumsy looking lashes, neat and clean lashes make things more natural for me.Daily Makeup Tips

Now you just need to take mineral bronzer a shade darker than your skin tone and take very small amount of product on your fluffy brush and apply over your cheeks, chin, jaw line, and over your forehead, now take some thinnest brush and take a very light bronzer on it and apply some at the sides of your nose and on the bone, then some over your eye brow one and cheeks, and very small amount on the Cupid’s bow  and now take lightest baby pink or peach Blush and apply on the hollow of you cheeks, but if you are good with blending then try peach or light brown.

Finish the look with light or nude lip gloss.