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How to Define Cheekbones with Makeup & Easy Makeup Tips


Everyone is born with exclusive facial features that are quite different from the others. Cheekbones are one such facial feature that defines our facial structure and also play important role in its beautification.

How to Define Cheekbones with MakeupCorrect Undefined Cheekbones Using Makeup


Defining the cheekbones is a fun, some people have naturally defined cheek apples and they don’t have to make much effort in standing them out while some others are not lucky enough to have innately defined cheeks and they have to make a tad of effort to define them. Here is an easy guide about how to define your cheekbones with the help of makeup.How to Define Cheekbones with Makeup


To begin with, cleanse and moisturize your face with your standard cleanser and moisturizing agent (cream or lotion). A properly cleansed and well-moisturized and hydrated skin tends to take the makeup well naturally.

Sit before a mirror and suck your cheeks in to make the cheekbones noticeable. Then sweep a light bronzer powder right below your cheekbones with the help of a large makeup brush applicator.

Start the application of bronzer powder from the cheek apples, near your nose, and work your way upwards toward the temples and hairline in slight sweeping motion, creating the illusion of a shadow under your cheekbones.

Then after, smile to define your cheek apples any further and apply a light-pink or rose color to make them stand out against the bronzer.

Add a little shimmer for added glow. You may use a cream highlighting shimmer or a powder one for this purpose. For applying a crème shimmer, use a makeup sponge or your fingertip and make use of a blush brush for applying powdery shimmer. Apply the shimmer sparingly to avoid overdoing.

Finally, top off your makeup and touch-up anything that you may have forgone or smudged and you are ready.How to Define Cheekbones with Makeup & Easy Makeup Tips