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How to Deep Condition Hair With Olive Oil

How to Deep Condition Hair With Olive Oil
How to Deep Condition Hair With Olive Oil

Heating devices most women use to style their hair such as flat and curling irons, and coloring treatments turn your hair weak and dry. Dry and dull hair in turn affects your entire personality negatively. Condition Hair With Olive Oil,When it become difficult to manage the hairs, it is the time to deep condition them to restore their health and shine and replenish the moisture to the hair.

How to Deep Condition Hair With Olive OilHow to Get Olive Oil Out of Your Hair


  • First make your hair dirt free by getting hair wash. Dry the hair.
  • Next, take enough amount of olive oil in your palm and apply it hair. Give its thorough massage to the scalp and hair until each and every hair gets soaked in the oil from root to tip.
  • Now, warm up a soft and hygiene towel by throwing it into the dryer for almost ten minutes. After applying olive oil, wrap the head with that pre-heated towel. Make sure not even a single hair is left out of the towel.
  • Keep your head wrapped for almost 60 minutes. Condition Hair With Olive Oil,This treatment can be done just before going to bed and can be left overnight. Once, the set time is over and the treatment is complete, rinse the hair using a normal use shampoo and conditioner. If any oil residues are left re-wash the hair until all the oil is removed.
  • Olive oil will give a soft and silky texture to the hair and will restore their health and shine.

Homemade Olive Oil Hair ConditionerHair Care Advice
Ensure trimming split ends every six months to maintain hair’s best look. Excessive coloring treatment and the use of heating devices for styling the hair should be avoided to the maximum possible extant,Condition Hair With Olive Oil.Homemade Olive Oil Hair Conditioner