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How To Deal With Depression [ I ]

How To Deal With Depression [ I ]

We were talking about some simple ways to deal with your depression and we shared some simple tips if How to Deal with Depression now we are taking the same track further more.

Eat healthy food you need to start taking care of yourself and you need to start believing that you are important, if not for people who are around you then for yourself and for the people who will come in your life once you get rid of this depression, normally doc says that if you stop consuming bad food that help the hormonal imbalance and that will help your depression too, so reduce the amount of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, fast foods, and processed foods and try to add healthy food including fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of water, eat whole foods and avoid processed food specially eatable products, they are full with hidden ingredients and you might don’t want to eat any of these hidden foods.

How To Deal With Depression [ I ]

Start taking care of your body and your personality, when we get depressed, we leave everything that we do to get good looks and start bad things like smoking or drinking, but if you do the exact opposite and quit bad things and start taking good care of yourself then you would see that you will come out of your bad phase pretty quick.

One healthy relationship can help you too and for that you need to meet new people, you need to meet new and completely strange people, but make sure that you don’t need to get in a new relationship right now, you just need to distract yourself so don’t be desperate and don’t rush, take some time to yourself and to new relations too and see how things work out for you.

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Start yoga! And I would recommend you to find a new friend there and try to get close and frank with the one who is best in your yoga class, but let me tell you one thing, we are trying to forget the previous mess so don’t bring that between you two and talk about new things, new ideas and new topics and if you feel that you cannot do that then play a listener at the time and see what he/she has to say and what make him/her so happy and positive and can you bring that brightness and that pleasantness in your life?

Enjoy your life and make sure you know how important you are for this world and this universe cause if you wasn’t, nothing can force the God to create you, you are a very important and very special piece of this jigsaw puzzle that God created with this universe and it was totally incomplete without you, feel these lines, cause I totally mean it.