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How To Curl Your Eyelashes & Curl your lashes every day


How to Curl Your EyelashesNo matter if you were born with straight or limp lashes, you still can look sexy and fascinating with following some simple tips, you can look sexy with applying the right amount of mascara and perfect technique to use lash crueler and today we are going to help you get the perfectly curled lashes within few minutes and that will not only make you look so cute and sexy, it lifts lashes and opens up the eyes and make them look bright and beautiful, so are you ready to learn these simple steps to look perfect with perfect lashes.

How To Curl Your Eyelashes

3 Ways to Curl Your Eyelashes

First of all I want you to start using Castor oil on your lashes and on your eyebrows to get thicker and perfect hair and keep an eye on your eye brow grooming to get perfect looks, and now we will start with lash curling techniques.How To Curl Lashes

Wash your face and when your lashes are wet take a wormed lash curler, (you can use hair dryer to worm your lash curler, but not too much) and then cure your lashes for couple of seconds and that is best time to curler your lashes.for Barbie Doll Eyelash Perming + Brow Shaping + Face Threading

I always say that start your eye makeup with primer and if you have soft and loss skin then it is best that if you apply some primer on your lash too and if you have too much loss lashes then at that time you just need to add some transparent mascara too.for Barbie Doll Eyelash Perming + Brow Shaping + Face Threading1

Now after applying all of the eye makeup and now when you are done with your liner too, take worm lash curler and curler your lashed too and then apply a thin coat or transparent mascara once again.Curl Your Eyelashes,Ladies' Trends

Now you need to place a finger on your eye brow and pull your lashes, and now open your curler and place your upper lashes inside its mouth and then close your eye slightly and try to hold the eyelash curler close to your lashes and then start adding the pressure, but keep slow and you need to see if your curler is hurting or pulling your lashed too much and when it is totally closed now you need to hold the position for a moment.

Now place the curler at the slightly outer corner of your eyes and try to curl the outer lashed of your eyes and that will give you a fan shaped lashes, which are dreamy lashes ever and now finish the look with a thick coat of dark mascara and after that puff some transparent coat on your wet mascara, that will make your lashes look thicker and longer.

Best of luck