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How To Create Smoky Eyes – Smoky Eye Makeup


Get perfect smokey eyesWhat make smoky eyes the most common and the most famous look, it is very easy and if you start applying the look for yourself then you will get to know what look good on you and it actually take few minutes and you would be ready to rock:) today I am going to give you a uniform way to get smoky eyes.Beautiful smokey Eye Look

What you need to start the look is apply moisturizer all over your face and your eyes and then apply some primer to keep things smooth and in place and then we will give it some time and we will groom the eye brows and then we will come to eyes.5 Ways For Creating A Perfect Simple And Dramatic Smokey Eye Look

We will start smoky makeup with eyeliner  which will not only give depth to the eyes and forms a nice frame around them too and it will actually give you a smooth patron too to apply your shades and give them shape, you should take liquid eyeliner or gel liner and apply a thick liner over the upper lash line.Top 10 Tutorials for Irresistible Smoky Eyes

Now we will come to applying shades and for that you should take a soft brush with natural hair  and then take the base shade, you should take light skin tone shade and apply all over the lid and if you are getting ready for night time then you can take a base with has shimmer in it too and then you need to pick the shade you are going to try on your looks, you can use blue, purple and green or any color that suits your personal preference and you need to use shades of this color, apply shade and then blend it with lighter shades, you can add as much shade as much you like, as long you are blending it well.

Now you need to take your deeper, darker shadows, normally people use shades of black or gray, but you can use shades of brown too and then apply it right above the line and up to the middle of the lid and create the V and blend with a small brush or applicator and then take the same brush and blend the shade over the lower lash from utter corner and blend well.

Now you need to take gel liner and apply a cat eye look or whatever line you like and apply on both lashes, now take some highlighter and apply over the brow bone and on the inner corner too and do you know that applying highlighter over the skin of you lower lash line will actually make your eyes look brighter and bigger, finish the look with mascara.

Best of luck.