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How To Create a Shakira-Inspired Makeup Look


After debuting her singing career in 1990 Columbian singing sensation Shakira is now known and loved allover. But not only for her talent, she is also being adored for her looks. Like all others stars and counterparts, Shakira too has her look and style. Her signature look is something lots of women aspire towards.

Replicating Columbian beauty’s makeup look can be quite easy if you know the proper steps. The first thing I would like to mention before we start with makeup application is that Shakira-inspired makeup look is not an ultra-glam look, but an organic one.

Foundation and concealer

To begin with, prime your face for creating Shakira’s makeup look by applying foundation and concealer. As you’re after a natural look, it is better to use liquid foundation. The liquid formula blends well to give you a natural glow.


Use earth-tone blusher. While the purpose behind putting on blusher is to highlight the cheeks, the Waka Waka singer uses a more natural blush color to simply brighten up her face. Also make it sure that the blusher you’re using isn’t a shimmering one with high shine. I suggest you to use the Rose Dust color; this subdued color brings out the cheek bones without being too bright.


Stay with the earth tones for eyeshadow as well. As the 35-year-old songwriter has the desirable combo of light hair and dark eye, she sticks with a gold or bronze eyeshadow palette. However, make sure to use a matte finish eyeshadow with minimal shimmer.


Keep the eyeliner minimum since Shakira keeps liner to a minimum to just accentuate the lashes. Finally curl your lashes and lush them up with several coats of a jet black mascara.


Cap ff your Shakira inspired makeup look with a mauve colored lipstick. Follow up the lipstick with a light coat of lip gloss for added gloss and dimension and you’re done