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How to Create a sexy purple rockstar eye look


TUTORIAL - Sexy Purple Eye ShadowToday we are going to try a very wearable bright and glamorous Purple Eye makeup which not only look beautiful, but you can actually try this look in simple day time too, without any special occasion and it would still look better and beautiful, it is a very heavy look, but still look wearable.Make-up of the week. Sexy smokey eyes

First of all you need to apply a nude eye shadow as a base of your look and then a white sticky base on top of it to keep it on the place strongly and then blend it well with your finger and keep blending till you see any sharp lines.Makeup Of The Day- Sexy and Smoked Out Makeup

Now you need to take a very medium purple eye shadow and apply it one the outer half of your lid with a flat brush, try not to sabotage the clean inner area of your eyelid, you should use patting to blend the shade on the lid to get the best shade, now you need to take a bright pink, mat or shimmery shade and apply that on the remaining inner corner of your lid and now blend out the bright pink with the purple eye shadow, but keep the difference intake.

Now use a liner brush and take that bright pick shade on it and apply it under your lower lash line and blend with your  finger, now take the same shade and highlight the brow bone with that and blend well.

Now you need to take a blending brush and pick a slightly lighter and matte shade of purple eye shadow and blend the eye lid with that and then put it in the crease and blend slightly till you see any harsh lines and now take the darker purple eye shadow that we used earlier and apply it under the lower lash line too and blend with the pink shade that we used earlier.

Now you need to take the shinny pale shad you have and rub it over the inner corner and a bit on brow bone and under the lower lash line too.

Finish the look with mascara and you can use black pencil to apply on the root of your lashes too, but if you don’t want to then still the look is perfectly complete.