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How To Choose Nail Shape


Shaping the nails is one of the integral parts of perfect manicure and nail design. Some nail shapes are more practice while the others are relatively less. Before picking off any nail shape it is necessary to examine your hands as well as the nails. Pay close attention to the nail bed and the nail moon shapes. Both these shapes can work just great.

Tips on Choosing Nail Shape

  • Oval shape works well for broad short fingers with broad nails.
  • Round shape is appropriate for short nails, which also prevents them from breakage along with making them attractive. .
  • For long narrow fingers, square shape is ideal.
  • Pointed nails make the small fingers seem longer. However, they may not very handy in longer versions.
  • Squoval shape a little between the oval and square shapes.

Oval shaped nails are believed feeble since there is slight support to the nail therefore nail can break easily than the round or square nails. Pointed and oval shapes elongate the shorter nail. Squoval shape is relatively stronger than oval.

Strength of the nails should also be kept in mind when it comes to choose a nail shape for your nails. If they are soft and more prone to breakage, settle on straight-sided nail shapes. These will make the nail stronger thus reduce the chance of breakage. If you had strong nails that turned weak due to unknown reasons, find out the underlying cause and take balanced diet to restore nail’s strength.

Creating Oval Nail

First of all, file the sides of the nails to bring them into a straight form. Be sure to move the filer in one direction or you will damage your nails. Then after, move the filer from corner of the nails towards the center in a rounded motion for creating an oval shape.

Creating Square Nail

Level out the corners of the nails first. Be sure to file in single direction to avoid damage. Then smoothen out the rough edges until it is straight and the nail gets a square shape. Slightly round the sides of the nails so that they aren’t too sharp. Round the corners a bit more to smoothen up the square shape.

Creating Round Nail

If you would love to shape your nails round, it is necessary to let them grow to an appropriate length first. To create the shape, round the nail in one direction. Smooth out the edges of the nails by filing them in a rounded motion. Keep on checking the shape while processing as extra filing can give an rough shape to the nail.

Creating Pointed Nail

Though pointed nails look chic and elongate the short fingers but this shape makes the nails weak since the corners are filed to the middle of the nail’s tip. The nail does not have enough support so it might break easily.