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How To Choose Make Up For Your Skin Tone


How To Choose Make Up For Your Skin ToneIf you were born with the fair and beautiful skin and complexion then you are blessed with the best shade and complexion possible and now you not need to do too much to look beautiful and natural, and we are going to help you with your skin tone step by step, we are going to give you some guide line to pick the best and the most perfect make up for beautiful fair and healthy complexion, but you don’t need to be scared to break the rules according to your own skin tone.How To Choose Make Up For Your Skin Tone, Beauty Tips from a Beauty Pro

Determine Your Skin Tone: – First thing that you need to do is determent what kind of skin tone you have, you need to see what is your skin category and for that you need to wear plain white shirt and look in front of a mirror with white lights and see what is your skin tone, either you are pearly white, pale, yellowing white or reddish white, you need to see if you have cool shin tone or you have worm shin tone, if you have fair, pale and yellowing then they are cool and otherwise you have worm skin tone,  you need to give yourself that time, cause it will safe too much time and once you are done with your skin tone then you will be able to get the best shade possible.

Fair SkinFoundation Base: – Now this is time to pick the shade for your base and your foundation or concealer and if you have cool skin tone, then you need to start with worm shade of foundation or concealer or vice versa, and now when you have decided that what kind of shade you are going to pick then you need to take some time to pick the shade and then apply that on your jaw line and rub with your fingers and it would be great if you mix some moisturizer with that shade and then blend it on your jaw line and if you are not satisfied with that shade then wipe off the shade with wet tissues and then apply the another share.

Blush: – Once you have picked the foundation or concealer, now you need to start with the blush, if you are cool shade then you can go for all shade of reds and pinks, but if you are a worm then you need to be tricky, pick some cool shades, let’s say that you have fair skin with red cheeks then use pale foundation or concealer and then apply some brownish shade on your cheeks and that will balance your worm skin tone, browns and copper blushes are for you, keep playing with the shades for best results.

Eye Shadow: – Choose a color that complements your skin tone and enhances your eye color, now you need to keep the shade of your own eyes in your mind too while you pick the shade for your eye shades , if you have worm skin tone and light colored eyes then golden hue, such as greens, browns, gold or pinks are very good for your skin tone, and if you have cool skin type with colored eyes shade then pick eye shadows in blues, grays, silver, pinks, and plums are greater for you and if you have darker eyes then pick something lighter to enhance your eyes.

Best of luck.