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How To Carry Handbags


How To Carry HandbagsA body language is a very important thing that you can use to guess things about the people and if you want to know things then you would like to see the way they carry their hand bags and the way they handle it, like the way they hang it, open it or carry it while they walk or sit and today we are going to help you regarding how to carry hand bags so let’s start.How Many Handbags Do You Carry to Work, Pippa Middleton.

We will talk about the Schlepper, the Arm-Crook Hook and the Baguette bags first and if you are one of those who carry all the bags in the same ways then you need two things, one large merrier to see how horrible it look and second some sense of fashion, cause it is not enough to buy fashionable things you need to know how to carry them too, cause if you carry a beautiful bag in wronged manner then it shows that you are fatigued, exhausted, and in a rush and don’t care what you look like which is very bad.Lily loves Lola Handbags

If you are a busy woman and you like to pull you r Arm-Hook Crook bags then let me tell you that no one carry them better than Victoria Beckham, she is a beautiful and amazing woman who add charm in all looks and she exactly know how to carry her bags, she shows that she is in hurry, but in style, so look stylish no matter if you have to carry your 3 years old baby on your broken spine, wear your bag like you are carrying the badge of honor or an award on your arm.Handbags Carry More Germs Than Toilet Seats and Flushes

Next thing we are going to talk about is The Twofer and I must say that this look so cute and so beautiful , but you cannot hold it on your wrist or on your shoulder and you cannot hold it with both hands across your front  cause that show you are not confidence and you are shy and trying to get hid behind your big bag  and if you are not shy and you are happy with your look then let it wave in air and hold it in your hands on your side, hold the stripes smoothly, don’t let anyone see that your bag is heavy and you cannot hold it comfortably.Classic feminine line chain bag

If you have a long and sleek Baguette then hold it under your arm no matter if it has a strap or not and if it is side or longer then a appropriate size then hold it with your fingers with long arm and hold it like you hold a file.

If you want to look good then you need to work on it and try to see yourself with the perception of other people.