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How to Apply the Lip Gloss & Tips for Applying Lip Gloss

How to Apply the Lip Gloss

Lips are considered to be one of the most important facial features, soft, supple and luscious lips always enhance you beauty and make your look very pretty. Lip gloss is the most popular and one of the most used of cosmetics. Mostly women tend to enhance their beauty by using use lip gloss which is considered to be a part of natural makeup look. There are different types and flavors of lip gloss available commercially under various brand names. All of them have almost similar ingredients with just a few of the ingredients that may differ.How to Apply Makeup for Prom or Any Other Elegant Party

Many women worry about how to apply lip gloss in the perfect way as complain that lip gloss does not stay on the lips for a long time. In the following lines, we guide you to apply the lip gloss appropriately.Tips for Buying and Using Lip Gloss

How to Apply the Lip Gloss

  • Before you apply the lip gloss, apply a moisturizer or a lip balm to your lips this will help the lips to stay smooth and conditioned.
  • Once you have prepared the lips, line the lips with a lip liner as it helps in giving a proper definition to the lips and makes the application of lip gloss easier.
  • After you have done with the lip liner, apply a lip gloss which has a neutral shade. The best method for applying a lip gloss is to first put a small amount of lip gloss on the center of the lower lip and then, press your lips together to spread it evenly.
  • After this, pat some face powder on the lips and then, reapply the gloss. The powder will allow the gloss to stay on the lips for a long time.

How to Apply the Lip: Tips and Tricks

  1. A transparent lip gloss will always complement you, irrespective of whether you are wearing during the day or in the night.
  2. Glossy shades of dark brown, red, crimson and bright pink are used for wearing in the evening, while peach, light pink and light brown could be adorned anytime.
  3. When you apply the lip gloss make sure that you don’t apply it thick, just glide it over your lips.