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How To Apply Silver Eye Makeup Tutorial


Sexy Smokey Silver Eye Makeup TutorialToday I am going to share a very simple and very interesting silver and blue eye line, I wanted to get the smoky eye look, but then I thought to try this simple look and I am not using too much blending or too much shading and it is a very simple and shiny look that you can try in evenings too.Sexy Smokey Silver Eye Makeup Tutorial1

As you know that I always start with applying the moisturizer and primer and then I blend it well to get the finest skin look ever and after that I use base coat so I am starting with primer and then I will take lose powder with my loss brush and will apply that all over my face and lid as that will not only give me the perfect look, but will give me help when I will blend the eye shadows.My Sexy Silver Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Now I am taking shimmery blue liner which has silver glitter in it and then I will apply that all over your lid, but you need to be care full cause they are not creamy and the glitter might be harsh on your lid if you don’t use with a lighter hands, just start from outer corner and start applying that all over your lid, but not cross the upper crease, and the best thing about such kind of liners is they stay on the lid all day long without any touch ups, you need to apply that all over and you need to apply a sharp and dark line on your upper lash line as well.My Sexy Silver Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial1

Now you need to take a silver and blue eye shade and fill it all over your eye lid and then blend the edges of the eyeliner with a blending brush, we are kind of taking midnight blue eye shadow matte or shimmery, and we will apply that all over lower crease and then take the dark shade and apply that at the outer corner and then blend it inwards and then take silver eye shadow with flat eye brush and apply that on the inner third corner and then take some lose powder and now blend it with silver shades and take that till your eye brow bone and then take blue shade with thin brush and apply that over your lower lash line and make a thin and neat line, apply the black eye liner and use the same liner to line your water line and then teak silver gel liner and apply that on inner third of the eye.My Sexy Silver Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial2

Apply the mascara and you are ready to go.