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How to Apply Self-Tanner


Tanning creams and lotions enable you to get the pretty, golden complexion without getting exposed to the damaging ultraviolet (UVA+UVB) rays. The most primeval form of tanning is exactly the same thing: UV rays interact with the melanin in your skin thus turns your complexion brown and dyes you like the back of your hand. You can start tanning without damaging your skin with these store-bought bronzer and tans and bronzers. Here are few terrific tips to apply the self-tanner to get perfect ultimate sun-kissed look.

How to Apply Self-Tanner

Exfoliate the Skin: Sunless tanning products act by tinting the upper layer of skin, therefore it is very important to exfoliate the body to make it free of dead skin, oil and dirt that cause the tanner to streak and spread unevenly and don’t let the tanner stay for long.

Check your skin is utterly dry. The presence of even a slight moisture will don’t let the tanning product go on evenly and you will end up with brown streaks. Also, avoid applying self-tanner in a steamy bathroom.

Put on moisturizer. A thin layer of moisturizer will make your skin smoother and will prime it for the most even application possible. Allow the moisture to absorb fully and when it dries fully, apply self-tanner.

Apply the self-tanning product in the same way as you apply a moisturizer. Apply a generous amount of tanning product and rub it to spread evenly all over the skin. Your back and backside of your legs are the thickest spots. Keep in mind the backs of your hands and tops of your feet are not supposed to be as tan as the rest of your body. Use the product gently around your knees, ankles, and elbows. Rub the product utter into the skin to prevent streaks.

Moisturize round the ends. To fight off divergent tan lines, put on moisturizer to areas where you didn’t dab self-tanner then light massage it into the tanned areas.

Finally, dry the skin completely before getting into the dress or going to bed. It will take more or less 20 minutes to get dry.