How to Apply Mineral Powder Foundation

How to Apply Mineral Powder Foundation
How to Apply Mineral Powder Foundation

Mineral makeup has not remained a latest trend anymore and today it has become a permanent fixture of most gals’ makeup bags. And the growing trend of keeping mineral makeup in the bags isn’t wrong, however, as it offers the wearer a healthier skin, smoother complexion, natural sun protection and benefits of many natural ingredients.

A time was that when mineral product was available as loose powder foundation only but now, it is being offered in all sorts of foundation, such as liquid, powder and cream plus lip glosses, blush, lipsticks, bronzer and eyeshadows. Loose powder still seems to be the product of choice for mineral powder foundation.

A few simple tips and tricks to make you look your best are given below;

Use Large, Fluffy Brush

Utilize a large, fluffy brush applicator to apply the mineral powder foundation. Nearly all loose mineral powder foundations come with an included sieve that only allows a small portion of product to be dolled out at a time. Then, you can lightly spin your brush in the product and tap the brush’s handle light-handedly to leave any excess behind.

Wear in Open Area

Put on the product in an open and airy area. Loose powder, especially of those brands that contain talc, can irritate your lungs. Avoid shaking off excess powder in the air and also don’t let it fall on your clothes or close by counters or sinks.

Apply Light-Handedly

Put on the mineral powder foundation light-handedly. Start with a little amount of the product and gradually add more in layers to achieve the desired look and required coverage.

Apply a Mineral Foundation Primer First

Before putting on foundation powder, apply a mineral foundation primer. It will shrink the pores, smooth out the skin tone and texture and help makeup stay for long. Let the primer dry out completely before applying powder.

Set the Powder with Foundation Spray

After applying powder, squirt foundation spray. Besides setting the powder, it will allow it to look natural and stay fresh all day long.