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How To Apply Brightening Eye Makeup In 5 Minutes


Do you like this alluring eye makeupToday I am going to share a very magical eye makeup look with that which will make your eyes look Bright and fascinating in 5 minutes and if you keep practice with that then I can bet you would be able to get that look in 2 minutes and even in your car too, so are you ready to get a new look to get magical impression.Colorful eyes Makeup

We will start by applying the moisturizer and primer and then apply some concealer and blend it perfectly on the skin around your eyes to even tone the skin and then give it some time to settle down, it is better to use your hands then blending brush and then take a edgy sponge to blend the shade, as this will help you keep the eye shadow stay longer and look bright and natural.Do you like these fab eye makeup ideas

Now you need to take the lighter color of shadow, you need to pick the shade which have a tone of your own skin tone, which looks close to your skin and then apply it all over your eye lid, now you need to rub it all over your lid with your finger as it will give you the best blending possible.

Now, you need to take a light shimmery shadow, preferably similar to your own skin tone and then apply it all over your inner corner of your eyes and then blend it with smaller brush and you can use your finger too, you can use dramatic shade too like peach or champagne shadow which will not only give you brighter look, but a cut shine too.

Now you need to take a similar shade of highlighter with flat tip brush and apply it all over your upper lash line and then your lower lash line too, but you don’t have to add too much shade, you can use one shade for upper and lower layers with same brush which will give you a light and subtle look and if you use a subtle mate shade then it will make your eyes more wider and prominent so if you have big eyes then use shimmery one.

Now you need to take light brown shadow and apply it on your crease and apply in horizontal style, don’t blend it, you are fine even without blending because it will give your eyes some depth and brightness, apply liner and mascara and you are done to go.