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How ti Fill in Eyebrows


Sparse eyebrows is a prevalent problem many people, including men and women, complain about. No matter what’ve caused it, you can easily fill in sparse brows with makeup.


The first step to successfully fill in the sparse brows is to find out the best suited color for you. To make a perfect choice, try out different shades in swatches above your eyebrow and pay for the one that works best. Also pick off the medium well-suited for you.

Grooming the brows is the next step. Pull out stray hairs and comb them into their original shape.

Filling in Eyebrows with Eyeshadow

  • Settle on a matte shade since Shimmering or metallic eyeshades will attract unnecessary attention and will look odd on your brows.
  • Make use of an eyeliner brush. Get a little eyeshadow on the brush and lightly puff to eject excess.
  • Apply the eyeshadow to your brow. Move your hand briskly yet lightly to prevent a pile of color in one spot. Use your small eyeshadow brush to blend the eyeshadow well. Brush your eyebrows back into place with your eyebrow brush.

Filling in Eyebrows with Eye Pencil

  • Sharpen your eye-pencil to remove any germs present on it. Gently chafe the tip on the back side of your hand to dull it a bit.
  • Place your jaw on your palm and angle the eye-pencil up to your brow. Using light, brisk strokes fill in the color in the sparse area.
  • Use a cotton ball to blend the color and then with an eyebrow brush gently brush your brows to bring them back into place.

Filling in Eyebrows with Brow Gel or Mascara

  • Wipe down most of the product from the wand using a tissue as extra will stick on your brows making you feel frenetic. Don’t utilize a tissue having lotion in it as it will make your makeup fade away soon.
  • Using light stroke, comb your brows with the wand.
  • Finally, with a brow brush, brush your brows to bring them back into place.