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How Hyaluronic Acid Benefits Your Skin


As our skin ages, hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin are gradually lost from the dermisToday I am going to share something is the most latest I personally experimented, few years back I used a very harsh cream to get rid of a small mark I have always had since my kindergarten and the mark was on my left cheek, although it was not too dark, but I was born with very light skin tone and it is very transparent which made the things worse for me, my skin make each and every mark on my skin to prominent, well! I used that lotion, it was kind of a liquid gel and I was instructed to apply it right on the mark, and then I saw it was very good for that, but then one day I applied the same gel all over my face for 10 minutes and I started getting red and I felt itchy too,  I washed my face with worm water and then splashed chilled water and it worked, it always works, it did not harm my skin a lot, but it did kind of dry our my left side, it doesn’t look like, but it feels pretty rough on touch and I have been visiting my dermatologist for that for last three months and she gave me Hyaluronic Acid ornament, and you will not believe how magically it worked for me:) my dermatologist swears it and she recommends it to everyone, across all skin types, across all ages am she says it is not only very good for your skin and make it smooth and beautiful, but it make your skin even beautiful  too.Hyaluronic Acid Pumps Up Your Skin

Hyaluronic Acid is basically a gel like molecule that acts as a cushioning agent in our body, Imagine our inner layer of our skin is a sponge and the solid part is collagen and the thing that keeps the skin and collagen together is hyaluronic acid 😉 and that is the think which keep our skin healthy and young and when we start getting older and our skin literally stop producing the Hyaluronic Acid itself, we start getting all kind of aging signs and the best way to treat these signs and get supple, firmer skin is Hyaluronic acid fillers done through a dermatologist, you actually see these when your doc will inject into wrinkled areas to plum your skin  up, but that is not the first and the last way to get it, you can start applying Hyaluronic acid gel every single day twice a day to attain maximum benefits.Hyaluronic Acid and Skin Care

I am just saying that you should try it yourself and give it at least a month or three weeks and then decided what you feel about it.

Best of luck.