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Homemade Masks To Tighten The Pores


Homemade Masks To Tighten The PoresIf you have oily skin then you would be used to of oily and large pores and you would be one of those who think that they can never ever have a smooth and soft flawless skin, and I can totally understand that cause I was one of those too who think that you can never ever have smooth skin, but not anymore and you got to trust me, I have super super oily skin and if these tips worked for metabolism then they are going to work for all of you and you need to trust me that soon you will be able to get flawless skin.Homemade Masks To Tighten The Pores1

First of all you need to change your eating habits and you need to quit all kind of oily and fried food and you need to forget that bakeries do have things to eat, no bakery and no fried food for you from now on and you just need to eat lots of green and healthy things, eat lots of healthy salads, steamed meat, sea food, you should use steamed cooked food or you can always use BBQ and roosted vegetables and meat and it is better if you eat uncooked if you can, like baby spinach, carrots and other healthy options, now I am sharing some simple homemade mask for open and large pores.Homemade Masks To Tighten The Pores2

When you get up in the morning drink one or two glasses of chilled water with one big lime in it and drink it empty stomach and then take half of cup worm butter milk with one tablespoon salt in it with juice of one lime in it and mix it well with wood spatula and apply that all over your face, neck and arms for 20 minutes and then scrub it off with lukewarm water.

Keep applying a mixture of lime juice and cucumber on your face throughout the day; never ever go out in sunshine when you have lime on your face, since lime get too harsh for skin when it get in the contact with sun-rays, so stay inside, and you will get better result.

Use a mixture of olive oil and sugar on your face and body once a day and keep your skin smooth and healthy.