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Homemade Mask For Glowing Skin & Face Mask for Instant Glowing Skin


Today I am going to share a very magical and very affective homemade mask which is not only very good for your summer skin, but it is very healthy to add natural glow and shine in your skin, I am using citric magic for this mask and am sure I don’t need to tell you how strongly it work for your skin and how magically it clean all the layers of your skin, right?

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Orange is my favorite fruit and this season we have the best of oranges in our town, they are sweet, tangy and tasty and loaded with the fresh juice, so I personally say that you should eat as much oranges as much you can and it will help you get batter skin inside out, and now I will show you how to make an effective face mask for oily skin using this wonder fruit which will not only clean your skin, but will add a glow in your skin too.Homemade Face Masks, Face Masks, Face Masks Recipes, Face Masks Acne, Glowing

To make this mask you need to take,
2 teaspoons of orange juice,
5-6 drops of lime juice,
3-4 drops of honey, and
1 teaspoon of rice flour.

Now what you need to do is, squeeze 2-3 pieces of oranges to get fresh juice, now gather all the juice in a bowl, now add 5-6 drops of lemon juice into it and mix, now add 3-4 drops of honey into the mixture and mix well, it is time to add flour in it, now you need to take one tablespoon rice flour and mix thoroughly to get a cream-like consistency.Homemade Face Mask for Glowing Skin1

Now since your mask is ready you need to leave it aside and take some petroleum jelly or Vaseline or any oil and rub all over your face and massage till you get red and now take some steam for like 5 minutes and then take a smooth wet worm cotton towel and wrap around your face and lay down on your back for 2 minutes and then rub your face with this towel and now your face is ready to use this mask.Homemade Mask For Glowing Skin

Take some mask and rub it over your warm face, keep rubbing and massage with your finger and use your finger tips to massage your skin and use circler lotion and keep rubbing for 2-4 minutes and apply all over your face and your neck and lay down on your back for another 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water and then splash chilled water all over your face, it will not only help you get smoother fresher skin too, and the citric agent of this mask make it supper good to get lighter and brighter skin tone and it is good to slow down of oil production in your skin.

Best of luck.