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Homemade Fairness Night Cream| Essential Homemade Beauty Tips For Fair Skin


How to Prepare Fairness Cream at HomeChemical bleaching, whitening and other skin lightening treatments that we normally try to get and feel very happy after words, are actually the worst thing that you could do to your skin, it can make your skin look beautiful  and healthy, but it ruin the upper layer of your skin too and you start getting skin issues, if you are not happy with your skin then you just need to pay attention of the things that damage your face and your skin, and with that pay attention on the things that can help you with your skin care routine,  alum powder is very great for skin too, make a smooth paste with alum and rose water and apply it just before going to bed and rub a bit and let it sit on your face for 20-45 minutes and then wash it off and apply night creams, and you will see the result really very soon.Ingredients Of Homemade Fairness Cream

If you are looking for a fairness night creams that work for your skin then you can make one at home with your own hands too, and I can assure you that it work, trust me, it does;) you just need to take some in your hands and rub it all over your face and your neck for 20 minutes and then you will love the results, it will give you visible results, completely natural beauty with magical impacts.Homemade Night Creams For Winter

Here is what you need to make this night cream.

1/4 cup of almonds, 1/4 cup of creamy yogurt, 2 tablespoon sweet lime juice, 1/4th teaspoon turmeric powder, 1/2 teaspoon of sandalwood powder and a pinch of saffron strands.

First of all you need to soak almonds overnight in fresh water and then in the morning peel then and make a smooth paste and put it in a small clean bowl, now add yogurt, sweet lime juice, turmeric powder, sandalwood powder and the saffron strands in the bowl now you need to use a plastic folk and blend it well until smooth cream, now I want you to make sure to make a new batch every time and then use within an hour.

Wash your face with worm water and then pat dry facial skin now take a small quantity of this prepared fairness cream  and apply it over your face and massage gently until it gets completely absorbed and then go to sleep, and then wash your face with running water in the morning to see the natural glow and use the same patron for 2 weeks to start seeing the lightening results  and then reduce the application every other day to remove skin rashes, acne spots, blackheads and dark circles from your facial skin and then after next 2 weeks reduce the use just 3 times a week and then once a week to maintain the look.