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Homemade Egg Hair Masks


Hair Oil and Vitamin E Capsule Hair MaskI was so sick of my dry dull dead looking ends and my scalp was dryer than ever and that was the day I decided to give eggs a try since eggs are so rich in protein, sulfur, biotin and I was pretty much sure that it will work so the first ever egg mask was a smelly disaster for me, it did show the result, but I had a killing headache just because of smell, but then my friends told me that if you grind the eggs and add some more ingredients and cover your hair with shower cap instantly then you will not only be able to avoid the smell, but you will be able to keep it on your heard for lingers time of periods and today I am sharing all of the masks that they have been using for like ever and you can pick any of these to try, just few things, apply on comparatively cleaned scalp and wash with slightly worm water and use very mild shampoo and last but not least, don’t go in sunshine, hot water, sunshine will cook the egg in your hair and make it impossible to wash away, gone through that mess.Egg Yolk and Green Tea Hair Mask
Here are some egg masks for beautiful hair.

Egg and Vinegar Hair Mask: I always use ACV and water as the finale rinse and I can tell you that the shine will be natural and killing and if you add it with egg, wow, sound fun, you just need to take one egg in blender and then add one tablespoon vinegar, one tablespoon olive oil and run the grinder for good 2 minutes, it will make the mask a bit fluffy and a bit runny at the same time, but it will make it easier to apply and wash your mask, now stand in front of mirror and start pouring the mask on your scalp and the massage and then when you are sure that all of your scalp, roots and your hair are well covered with the mask you just have to cover your whole hair with shower cap and keep it on fro 1-2 hours and then wash it off with worm water and mild shampoo to see silky, shiny, and smooth hair.Homemade Egg Hair Masks 1

Egg, Olive Oil &Honey Mask: – Now honey is a magical moisturizer that can make and keep your skin moisturizer for longer time of periods and to make a mask with all of these things, you need to add 2 eggs in your blender and run it for 1 minute and then pour it out in a bowl, now add 2 tablespoon curd, olive oil, honey and add three tablespoon any of these, flat beer/synthetic vinegar/water or black tea water and mix it with smooth hands, we want a thick mixture so don’t run and apply it all over your scalp and hair and then cover your hair with shower cap for  2 hours and then wash it off with worm water.

Egg and Mayonnaise Mask: Spanish are the ones who discovered the magical benefits of Mayonnaise for hair and skin, it is a rich mixture of natural oils and eggs which is rich in natural fats, vitamin A, B and D, very good for hair and to get a smooth and nutritional mask you need to take one cup of mayonnaise and three tablespoon of olive oil and add one grinned egg in this and apply it all over your scalp and your hair for 2-3 hours, you can keep it on your hair as long you like and then wash it off with worm water and shampoo, it would be a bit tricky to get rid of this mask, but trust me, it’s worth all of that hard work.