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Homemade Cure For Fat Reduction & How to Lose Weight Naturally

Homemade Cure For Fat Reduction & How to Lose Weight Naturally

Versatile Remedy Specifically for Reducing Fat


10 gm. Ajmo, (Ajwain)
50 gm. Fenugreek seeds, (Methi)
10 gm. Black seeds, (Kaari Jeeri)


  • First clean all the above mentioned ingredients well and then put them in Karaai on a low heat.
  • Remove the heat after some time and let them cool down. As soon as they cool down grind them together to get a fine powder.
  • Take a tsp. of the resultant powder with tepid water before bedtime regularly.
  • Ensure using tepid water in this process.
  • When you take this medicine, any extra fat and other toxic matters accumulated in your body is removed through urination.
  • You will notice remarkable improvement in your physic after regular use of three months. Moreover, your skin will become firm and supple and thereby your body will become evidently beautiful.Homemade Cure For Fat Reduction
  • Homemade Cure For Fat Reduction

Other advantages associated with the use of this remedy are as follows

  • It helps curing ‘Waa.’
  • It strengthens the bones, teeth and entire body.
  • It brings improvement in eye sight.
  • Helps promoting growth of healthy hair.
  • It treats constipation and impotence plus helps eliminating cough and colds.
  • It purifies the blood, improves quality of blood and blood flow.
  • It makes it possible for you to jog and run with ease.
  • Improves memory, hearing and digestion.
  • It helps ladies to restore their body shape.
  • Builds up immunity against a few deadly diseases such as malaria, typhoid, cholera and jaundice.
  • It helps solving the ageing problem and also play role in treating incurable diseases.
  • It helps solving various ladies’ problem which they face during their youth time and after getting married.
  • It eradicates the cholesterol and thus reduces the odds of heart attack. Plus it also keeps heart working properly.
  • Helps curing several skin conditions including dry skin problem.
  • All the noxious material accumulated in the body by various medications shall be removed.