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Homemade Cornmeal Facial Scrub


Apple Cider Vinegar and Cornmeal Face ScrubIt is very important to clean your skin and your scalp during winter and it is very important to keep your skin and scalp dead skin free and for that we can use baking powder which not only work perfectly, but it keep your skin smooth and healthy too, but with that there are so many things that one should do to keep your skin smooth and healthy and when we use mask we actually provide minerals and  vitamins to our skin and when we use moisturizer we actually keep our skin healthy and hydrated, and it is very important too, but there is one thing that is equally important and that is scrubbing, cleaning the dead cells from your skin and to keep your skin fresh and naturally beautiful.Facial Scrub With Cornmeal And Honey

Today we are going to share something very easy and useful DIY for you guys and that is a very simple yet affective way to treat and prevent blackheads, you can make it at home with natural and safe things and you can use it wherever you like, not only over the face, but any part of the body and that is what and this exactly cornmeal scrub will help you get smoother and cleaner skin.Facial Scrub For Oily Skin With Cornmeal and Orange Juice

You need following things to make this supper scrub.

Tomato pulp,
Lemon juice of one or two big lemons,
Rose water to make a paste,
Now what you need to do is, take some cornmeal in a dry bowl and mash it with hands or spoon, now add some honey and make a thick paste with it, now add some lemon juice to this paste, and mix well, now add some tomato pulp and finally add in some rose water to loosen up the paste a bit, don’t make it too runny though.

Now take some smooth wet worm cotton towel and steam your face a bit and then rub your face with the same warm cotton towel and now take the scrubber in your hands and rub it all over your face and your neck, some around your shoulder too and rub well, keep rubbing in small circulations and then keep scrubbing and then wash it off with warm water and then splash some chilled water all over your face and enjoy smooth better looking skin.

Try that three time a week to get smoother skin all the time.Homemade Facial Scrub