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Homemade Beauty Tips


Women across the globe always search for beauty tips that may help them to maintain eternal beauty. Therefore, markets today are flooded with beauty and skincare products and remedies for maintaining a beautiful, younger-looking skin longer. However, sometimes these products disappoint you as you fail get the longed for domino effect. But, several proven homemade beauty tips are there that produce the results surely and give you the very radiant skin you always desire of.

Cucumber: Cucumber is an organic astringent that also helps firming the skin and preventing premature ageing. These properties of have made cucumber a must-have in basic beauty and skincare regimen. Extract juice from a fresh cucumber and apply it over your face using a cotton ball. Leave for twenty minutes so that it dries out; then wash off with cold water and enjoy naturally glowing skin instantly. The mixture of cucumber juice with glycerin and rose water is a great remedy for sunburn.

Egg yolk Face Mask: It is an ideal mask for getting brightened complexion. Preparation of the mask involves mixing of egg yolk with ½ tsp. of olive oil and lemon juice each. Spread the freshly prepared mask over your face and wait for it to dry out fully. It will take almost 15 minutes to get fully dry. Once the pack is dries, rinse it off with fresh water.

Body lotion for dry skin: If the texture of your skin is dry or you are experiencing dry skin due to any other reason, you may relieve it using a homemade body. To prepare the lotion add 2 teaspoon of glycerin lemon juice and six tbsp. of Vaseline. Use the lotion regularly to fight off dryness.

Cracked Heels: Cracked heels always look bad and they are painful too. Use a mixture of merger paraffin-wax and mustard oil to treat the cracked heels. After regular use of 10-15 days your feet and heel will definitely become soft and smooth. .

Hand Care: While most women try their best to get glowing complexion to look younger, their hands reveal their actual age if not cared properly. Therefore, taking care of your hands should be an integral practice of everyday skincare regimen.  To take the dead skin away, prepare a mixture of sea salt and lemon juice and rub it over your hands with a worn out toothbrush. Then wash hands with tepid water. Keep your hands well moisturized and hydrated. Use kernel oil for this purpose.