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Homemade Beauty Tips For Pimples and Marks


homemade-acne-mask-skin-beauty. The acne skin is very sensitive and creates irritation when you apply something on it.My grandma was born and raised in some parts of India and she was the youngest girl of the family, she had a magical childhood among Indian and Sikhs families and they all were very much loaded with rich heritage, and she carried all of those tips and home remedies with her throughout her life, she was 70 years old when she died and she had lower than waist white shiny thick hair and she had the best skin I have ever seen at that time and her mouth was full with slightly yellow pearly 32 teeth.When you talk about home remedies for acne and pimple,

She gave all of my cousins and I very affective tips to treat and prevent skin issues and we all can swear of these tips and today I am shearing some simple tops to treat and prevent pimples with all of you.Homemade Remedies for Acne Treatment

Here are some natural treatments for acne and pimples.

First thing that you should do if you either have oily skin or complicated skin and that is a mixture of honey and lemon and apply this mask on face to avoid pimples for 20-30 minutes 4 times a week and then wash your face with worm water and then splash some chilled water all over your face.

Keep a glass jar with airtight lid in your bathroom filled with finally grinded alum powder and if you are facing the issue of pimples and acne then just take some and rub on your wet face for 2 minutes and then let it sit on your face for another 2 minutes and then wash off with worm water, it will burn a bit, but that is one thing that can treat your oily skin issues tremendously, you can use three times a day to treat pimple and everyday to prevent pimples.

Make a face wash with one tablespoon lemon juice, one pinch of turmeric and one tablespoon gram flower and mix it either with milk or rose water and apply that on your face for 2 minutes, apply a very thick layer and then let it get a bit dry and then scrub it off and wash your face with worm water, it is one simple solution to clean and keep your skin healthy and oil free for a day and it is very good to brighten you skin tone and scars too.

Take plain honey and apply it all over your face and let it get dry and then take muslin cloth and rub your face with it once a week and then wash your face with worm water and then rub with ice cube to block the pours.

Wash your face with warm salty water once a day.

Drink lots of water and eat healthy food.