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Homemade Beauty Tips For Lips Care


Homemade Beauty Tips For Lips CareIf you want to have beautiful smooth and soft lips then you need to start from inside out and you need to start from food, eat healthy and fresh vegetables and fruits and drink healthy and natural juices and smoothies and nothing is more brilliant than fresh natural water for that, so eat healthy and drink lots of water and use these simple tips and I bet you will get beautiful smooth soft lips within a week and I assures that you will never apply colored lips gloss ever again.Homemade Beauty Tips For Lips Care1

First thing that you need to do is change your lip balm with hydrating ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E and almond, jojoba or coconut oils and if you want to make your own home made lip balm then you can use a mixture of these things and keep it in your refrigerator and use when you feel to use it.Homemade Beauty Tips For Lips Care2

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline is great thing for your lips; if you have chipped lips then apply some on your lips for overnight and in the morning rub your lips with wet worm cotton towel and then scrub off all the dead and dry lip skin and then apply a fresh layer of jelly and repeat that for couple of time and you will see the result within a week.

Don’t underestimate the power of exfoliate and if your skin and your body need it then your lips need it too so mix olive oil and sugar and rub your lips with that for 2 minutes and keep rubbing till you see sugar is fully dissolved and then wash your face with running water.

Mix Zafran and fresh cream and apply over your lips with the small thin lip brush and scrub it off with wet worm towel in the morning and apply simple lip balm on your lips, it will make your lips naturally red and soft.

Take any whitening cream, you can use any whitening cream for your lips if you feel that excessive use of cosmetic making them dull and dark and this will give you your red lips back.

Smile a lot and stay healthy.